Employment and Funding Opportunities

  • Immigration and Citizenship Law Summer Stipend: The ICLP will award a current law student a stipend in memory of the late Breanna Boss (Class of 2021) during summer 2021. The stipend will support public service work at a sponsoring nonprofit organization that focuses on immigrant defense. More details and the application can be found on CDOnline and here. Contact Professor Megan Hall.
  • Immigration and Citizenship Law Research Fellow: The ICLP is seeking a recent law school graduate to serve as a research fellow for a one-year term. The research fellow focuses on legal research, writing, and policy analysis. The research fellow will also support ICLP activities and may support the law school's clinical work in a research capacity. More details and the application can be found here and on CDOnline. Contact Professor Ming H. Chen.  
  • Clinical Program Racial Justice Fellow: The Colorado Law clinics are seeking a recent law school graduate to serve as a racial justice fellow for a one-year term. The clinical fellow will provide direct legal services to clients in the Immigrant Defense Clinic. The clinical fellow will also support other clinical courses that include racial justice. More details and the application can be found here. Contact Professor Violeta Chapin or Professor Deborah Cantrell.  

Colorado Immigration and Refugee Services and Advocacy Organizations

This guide focuses primarily on Colorado-based immigration and refugee services and advocacy organizations.

For updated information on immigration-related organizations that sponsor law student internships or employment, see the Immigration Law & Policy Society jobs listings on TWEN and Facebook (under files).

DACA Renewal Clinic and Support Services

The CU Law Immigration Defense Clinic holds free clinics for DACA recipients seeking to renew their USCIS applications. For information about prior clinics or to request more information about DACA support services, contact Professor Violeta Chapin (violeta.chapin@colorado.edu).

Citizenship Delayed, A Report to the US Commission on Civil Rights from ICLP and the Colorado State Advisory Committee

ICLP Director Ming H. Chen and CU Law students hosted a public hearing on the backlog in citizenship and naturalization applications for the Colorado State Advisory Committee to the US Commission on Civil Rights in February 2019. The final report released on the occassion of Citizenship Day in September 2019. It has been covered in numerous media outlets, including the Denver Post, Colorado Public Radio, NPR Colorado Edition, ABC Denver Channel and CBS Denver. Professor Chen's explanation of the report appears in an op-ed for The Conversation.

University of Colorado Immigrant Integration Study

Professor Ming Hsu Chen (CU Boulder) and Edelina Burciaga (CU Denver) are conducting an academic study about immigrants integrating in the United States. The study involves 1.5 hour interviews with DACA recipients about their long-term plans and experiences. Names and personal information will be kept confidential and participation is voluntary. Interview subjects will be given a $40 gift card in appreciation for their time. If you want to participate in the interview, please contact research assistant Ashlyn Kahler-Rios or Prof. Chen (ming.h.chen@colorado.edu). UPDATE 7/2018: We are currently recruiting interviews from individuals in Grand Junction and Northern Colorado.

In addition, DACA recipients interested in completing a 20-minute survey can receive a $20 gift card. If you want to participate in the survey, please contact Prof. Burciaga (edelina.burbiaga@ucdenver.edu).


Supporting the Program

To learn more about ways to support this program, please contact Peter Sanders, assistant dean for advancement, at 303.492.0752 or peter.sanders@colorado.edu.

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