Published: Sept. 15, 2020

Dear Students,

I hope you continue to be safe and healthy in this third week of the fall semester, in a time like no other.

This evening you received a message from the Chancellor announcing, in cooperation with Boulder County Public Health and the City of Boulder, a quarantine of all students living in the city of Boulder, for 14 days beginning now. This quarantine extends to Colorado Law students. The decision to quarantine was made due to the rise in the number of cases among CU Boulder students in recent days resulting primarily from off-campus activity.

While none of the known cases on campus has been tied to the law school, a comprehensive approach across campus is required to minimize public health risks. I deeply appreciate all you have done thus far, and I’m confident will continue to do, to cooperate with health guidelines, and to keep us all safe.

Exceptions to the quarantine are as follows: students may leave their places of residence to attend in-person classes; work and take children to school/child care; exercise; and get food, medicine, medical services, and emergency supplies that can’t be delivered. Our students may also continue to study in our library and access the building to engage in research activities, such as work on a journal.

In-person classes are not affected by the quarantine and are expected to continue as planned. None of the infections that have been registered within the campus community or Boulder County have been linked to in-person classes on campus. Health experts continue to tell us that our classrooms are safe given the mitigation measures in place, and that further reducing in-person instruction would not contribute to reducing spread of the virus.

Although the quarantine is directed only to students, I will also be quarantining and have invited other faculty and staff to consider joining me, so as to highlight our unity of purpose. In any event, as defined, the “quarantine,” with its several exceptions, amounts to good guidance for everyone to follow during this public health crisis.

Along with our faculty and staff, I am grateful for your understanding and resiliency during this time of constant and evolving challenges. You are accumulating experiences that, although not sought after, will contribute to your personal and professional development in ways that couldn’t be imagined, just as the experiences of the time are contributing to mine. Likewise, the time we are living is taxing in many, individuated ways. Amidst focusing on your studies and all else, please take time to focus on and take good care of yourselves. And always strive to be happy.

All the best,

S. James Anaya