Published: May 26, 2020

Dear Colorado Law students, faculty, and staff,
As announced by Chancellor DiStefano this morning, the campus has defined an approach to fall 2020, and the law school will continue to support the effort through the planning process we began some weeks ago.
We will be working with teams that the campus has assembled to implement the campus approach, so that they can support our ability to deliver on the plan. Later this or early next week, the campus implementation teams will provide further guidance regarding health and safety, academic instruction, and resources.
The mission and the future of the university, including the law school, is dependent on our success. We all need to be flexible and adaptable as we pursue our goal of creating the best academic experience in the healthiest and safest way possible. Thanks to all of you who have already provided input during the planning process. We will continue to seek your input as we move forward.
I've been reminded that CU Boulder has faced adversity throughout its history and has always come back stronger. I join other campus leaders in the confidence that we will this time, too, and that the law school will continue to thrive.
Please visit to learn more about the campus' objectives, process, and procedures.

My best,
S. James Anaya
Dean and University Distinguished Professor