Published: Nov. 27, 2018

On Oct. 24, Anna Spain BradleyAssociate Professor Anna Spain Bradley served as the keynote speaker at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)'s signature event in Washington, D.C. celebrating Conflict Resolution Month. In her talk, "Unity During Crisis: The Value of Organizational Solidarity and How to Build It," Spain Bradley drew on her expertise in conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion, and decision making and neuroscience to share insights on how FEMA employees can advance their well-being through inclusive leadership and enhanced conflict resolution skills. It was livestreamed to FEMA locations across the country.

"[Professor Spain Bradley]'s speech was specifically crafted for our disaster culture. Her words and concepts had a profound impact on the FEMA management and staff," wrote Cynthia S. Mazur, director for the alternative dispute resolution division at FEMA. "[She] was generous with sharing her time and wisdom. She inspired us and created an outstanding learning event."

October is nationally recognized as Conflict Resolution Month, which promotes the concept of peaceful prevention, management, and resolution of disputes.

Spain Bradley serves as assistant provost for faculty development and diversity at the University of Colorado and faculty director of the Program for the Advanced Study of International Human Rights. She teaches International Dispute Resolution, International Human Rights Law, U.S. National Security & Foreign Relations Law, Mediation, and Legal Ethics and Professionalism. She shares her expertise through articles and book chapters on peace through mediation, how biases and beliefs impact decision making, implicit bias in arbitration, diplomatic and judicial means of dispute settlement, African Women leaders in International law and peacebuilding, and cognitive competence in decision making. Her forthcoming book, The Impact of One: How Individual Choice Shapes Individual Law (Cambridge University Press), analyzes the impact of neuroscience and emotion in dispute resolution.

Anna Spain Bradley

Anna Spain Bradley

Photo credit: FEMA