Each year, students from various Colorado high schools compete in the Marshall-Brennan Regional Moot Court Competition. Lawyers, Colorado law students, and law faculty support this competition by serving as judges and providing valuable feedback and encouragement to the students.  This year's competition will take place on January 24, 2015, starting in the morning and continuing to the early afternoon.  There are three rounds to be judged in the competition.  After all three rounds are completed, judges are invited to a lunch with the students.  

In advance of the competition, the White Center will send each judge a packet of information containing the question presented, applicable case law, sample questions, and briefs for both sides.  On the morning of the competition, all judges will gather together to discuss the scoring criteria and any other questions that arise.  Each judge will be assigned to a room with two other judges.  After listening to a student's oral argument, judges will score each student on their introduction, legal argument, delivery, conclusion, and ability to answer questions.  Judges also deliver feedback on each student's strengths and how to improve.  

Based on the cumulative scores from all three rounds, the top performers in the regional competition are invited to compete in the national competition held in Washington, D.C.

If you would like to volunteer as a judge for the competition, please email us.