The Latino Law Students Association (LLSA) serves as a conduit for a collective Latina/o law student voice at the University of Colorado. We are a non-partisan organization driven by a progressive agenda that protects and advances the civil rights of the Latina/o at CU Law and in our community.  We are dedicated to promoting and sustaining the academic success and professional development of Latina/o law students. We recognize that we cannot merely seek achievement for ourselves and forget about the progress and prosperity of our community; we are one and the same.

Our goals are to:

  1. Articulate and promote the academic and professional needs and goals of Latina and Latino Law Students;
  2. Influence the legal community to effectuate positive and substantive change in the fields of legal education and the representation of the Latino community;
  3. Instill within the Latina and Latino Law Student and Attorney the need to use her/his professional status to effectuate positive change within the Latino community; and
  4. Establish strong, sustainable and respectful coalitions with students, attorneys, and organizations of color; and other organizations and individuals that espouse the goals that LLSA represents.

Past Activities:

  • Outlining and exam taking tips session
  • Lunch with Administrative Law Judges
  • Mentor/ Mentee program with the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association 
  • Annual Cabin Retreat
  • Lunch with Dean Wiser 
  • Annual 1L Welcome BBQ
  • Summer "mixer" with Denver-area specialty bars
  • Lunch panel with attorneys from the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association


Other resources:

  • Click here to visit our national affiliate website
  • Click here to find us on TWEN