Through this fellowship program, recent graduates (the “Fellows”) of the University of Colorado Law School (“Colorado Law”) work full-time for, and under the supervision of, the Denver City Attorney’s Office (the “DCAO”). Colorado Law and the DCAO expect this program to provide meaningful work experience to the Fellows and the Fellows to provide valuable work to the DCAO.

Fellows work for one year, beginning in the fall (employment is at will, with the understanding that the DCAO may continue to employ any of the Fellows beyond the duration of the program). 

Currently, there are six Fellows, and each works for one of the following divisions of the DCAO:

  • Civil Litigation (three Fellows, one of whom will focus on employment law matters)
  • Human Services
  • Municipal Operations
  • Airport
  • Prosecution and Code Enforcement

Fellows must be hard-working, energetic, able to connect effectively with clients and colleagues, and capable of handling significant responsibility immediately. In addition, Fellows must contribute to the diverse and creative thinking of the DCAO and must show initiative and seek out projects and feedback.

When the DCAO is accepting applications for this program (typically a cover letter, resume, and writing sample), we will email the graduating class and post the opportunities in CDOnline. Representatives of the DCAO will review and screen applications, interview finalists, and select the Fellows. Applicants may apply to more than one of the divisions of the DCAO.