To maximize your chance of success on the bar exam, please consider doing the following:

  • Make sure you understand the components of the exam, the topics that will be tested, and the logistics for the exam (e.g., when to register your computer, what things you can bring into the exam room, etc.). To see what topics you will be tested on, look at the Supreme Court website for the state in which you are taking the exam. Colorado has adopted the Uniform Bar Exam.
  • Take a commercial prep course that offers at least 2,000 practice questions, practice essay grading, and at least one simulated exam experience.
  • Plan to treat bar study as more than a full-time job during June and July.
    • Estimated hours: 40-55 per week
    • To the extent possible, avoid significant other commitments during this time
  • Do practice questions; simulate exam conditions
  • Study all topics 
  • Make sure you stay on track while studying for the exam.
  • Take at least a few bar exam topic classes during law school, especially if you struggle with exams. Get a full list and schedule of bar exam topic classes that Colorado Law offers.
  • Have a plan for addressing questions that are entirely unfamiliar.
  • If you find that stress or worry is interfering with your ability to focus, seek out resources now so that you can practice new skills for managing anxiety that comes both during bar exam preparation and during the exam itself.


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