Gold and Black Pentagon that says "Colorado Law Military Law Society" with black stars in the upper right and upper left corners. Within the pentagon a black military eagle is standing on  a sword that is holding the scales of justice. The background is a drawn image of the Boulder flatirons in green and brown with a blue sky.

The CU Military Law Society (MLS) is an inclusive student-run organization designed to bring together military veterans, law students interested in pursuing military careers, and serving military members. Our goal is to help MLS members realize their career goals, whether that is military service as a JAG officer or transitioning into a non-military legal career. We will facilitate these goals by providing JAG interaction and information, furthering understanding of military life, networking with veteran attorneys and judges, and providing substantive professional information for those seeking to move into a non-military legal field. 

Other resources:

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President (Zach Cohen;
Vice President (Adam Wolnski;
Secretary (Rocky Ruiz;
Treasurer (Brian Wagner;