Consistent with the American Bar Association's Standards and Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools (the "ABA Standards"), Colorado Law students have the opportunity to notify the administration of significant concerns that directly implicate Colorado Law’s compliance with the ABA Standards. (Students with other concerns or feedback may contact the Student Affairs Team to find out the most appropriate person to contact.)

Colorado Law’s procedure for addressing significant concerns that directly implicate Colorado Law's compliance with the ABA Standards follows:

  1. Any student who seeks "to bring to the attention of the law school a significant problem that directly implicates the school’s compliance with the [ABA] Standards" should submit a written statement (in person or by email with the subject line "ABA Standards Complaint") to the Senior Assistant Dean of Students.
  2. The written statement should describe the problem and the manner in which it implicates the school's compliance with the ABA Standards. The statement should reference the specific ABA Standard(s) implicated.
  3. The statement must include the name and email address of the student.
  4. The Senior Assistant Dean or another member of the school's administration (a "Responding Administrator") should acknowledge (in writing) the complaint within three business days of receipt of the written statement. Such written acknowledgement may be delivered in person, to the student's mailbox, or by email.
  5. Within two weeks of such acknowledgment, a Responding Administrator may ask the student who submitted the complaint to meet (in person or by phone) or, if appropriate, may respond in writing (email or hard copy) to gather any additional information the Responding Administrator finds necessary to understand or resolve the concern.  Subsequent to this meeting, the Responding Administrator may ask for further clarifying information from the student.
  6. In a reasonable amount of time after receiving the complaint, the Responding Administrator will provide information about how the administration is addressing the complaint.

After receiving information from the Responding Administrator about how the complaint has been addressed, the student has two weeks to appeal to the Dean in writing. This appeal shall contain all the information noted in 1-3 above.  Any decision made on appeal by the Dean shall be final.

Records of complaints are maintained by the Senior Assistant Dean of Students for a period of seven years or until the next review of Colorado Law by the ABA Accreditation Committee. Such records shall include the complaint and any communication with the complaining student, and shall document the process of resolving the complaint, as well as the resolution of the complaint.