Constitution Day provides a unique opportunity for high school students to become engaged in learning about the Constitution and how it affects their everyday lives.  Presenters are local practicing attorneys and current Colorado law students and faculty members. The White Center provides each presenter with a detailed lesson plan as well as training on how best to present the lesson to high school students. The lesson will include an introduction to the specific constitutional topic, several court cases to discuss with the students, and a hypothetical problem for students to debate using what they have just learned. This year's lesson plan is currently in development, however, you can find last year's lesson plan here if you would like to see an example.

We always welcome the opportunity to add more schools and classrooms to our program.  This year, our Constitution Day program will take place from September 9 through September 20.  What we ask from you is to provide one full class period for the presentation.  

If you would like to have presenters come to your classroom for Constitution Day, please email