These instructions will guide you through the simple process of sending a confidential print job to a Xerox copier.  The Xerox copier will securely hold your print job with a passcode so you can securely release it at the machine when you are ready to directly receive the job.  This process supports one or more print jobs.  This procedure is also useful for queuing your jobs.  Contact Law School IT at or 303-735-2540 if you have any questions or issues. 


Printing a Secure Job: 

Select the Xerox printer and then "Printer Properties" from the print menu. 


Image 1


Under Job Type on the Printing Options tab, select "Secure Print" 

image 2

Create a "PIN" passcode that you'll use at the machine to release the job. 

image 3


At the Xerox Machine: 


Select "Job Status" 

image 4

Select the "Secure Print Jobs" tab and then your print job(s) 

image 5

Input the "PIN" passcode you set above and select "OK". 

Image 6


Select the print job(s) you'd like to release. 

image 7