In deciding whether to approve a program for extern credit, Colorado Law will evaluate the following criteria to see if they are met:

  • the program is of substantial educational value,
  • the work to be done is of the kind a beginning lawyer might do in a professional capacity or is closely related thereto,
  • the field supervisor is a qualified person willing to assume the burden of supervision, and
  • adequate records of the time spent by the student will be furnished by the sponsoring organization.  
  • The work must be supervised by a practicing attorney or judge on site and this person must agree to be your field supervisor.
  • Your supervisor must commit to providing you with substantial feedback on your work quality and progress, and he or she must have the time to serve as a mentor.
  • The work must be uncompensated.
  • The work must have a substantial writing component.
  • You must only seek credit for one extern placement per semester.
  • As a part of your externship you must attend mandatory class sessions offered during the semester through the Externship Program.


  1. You may not do an externship as a research assistant for a law school professor.
  2. You must have completed at least 30 law school credits to be eligible to do an Externship.
  3. Law firms and private organizations who would like to employ the services of our students are encouraged to employ them for wages.  In many circumstances, the time a student spends working for a law firm may be billed to a client.  The Office of Career Development is available to aid in matching firms and private organizations with students who would be qualified to work for them