In order to successfully publicize your event, it is important first to consider your desired audience. Then, make a plan for inviting people and publicizing your event. You can get the word out in many different ways:

  • Send personal emails to key invitees two weeks before the event  
  • The events calendar
  • Daily events emails (event must include Student in audience to go out in daily email)
  • In addition to the daily events emails, you can contact the SBA Communications Officer at to request a school wide email that highlights your event
  • Each class has a Facebook group where you can post events
  • You can post flyers on bulletin boards
  • If you are interested in getting alumni to attend, you must contact Keri Ungemah ( by the 20th of the month before your event, and she may be able to include your event in the alumni newsletter and/or publicize it by various social media
  • Consider advertising at the other graduate schools
  • Send invites through community listservs