Welcome to the Mobile Home Park Organizing Guidebook.  This Guidebook was created by the Sustainable Community Development Clinic at the University of Colorado Law School.  It is designed to help mobile homeowners build better connections with neighbors to strengthen the community’s ability to advocate for itself.

The Guidebook gives you advice about how to effectively organize your community. It also gives you advice about how to create legal organizations, like a nonprofit homeowners’ association, that can support your community organizing.

To see the Guidebook, click on the images below.  There are versions of the Guidebook in English and in Spanish.

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Disclaimer:  The Mobile Home Park Organizing Guidebook is not legal advice. All information provided in this Guidebook is for general purposes only. If you have questions regarding your situation, you should consult an attorney. An attorney can help you determine what information in this Guidebook applies specifically to your situation and what information does not.