Incoming second year students are invited to participate on the University of Colorado Law Review based on a write-on competition, which involves the submission of an original work written on any topic contained in the write-on packet which is distributed after spring semester of the first year of law school. The write-on packet will contain all the sources that may be referred to while writing the paper, and reference to any other source is prohibited. Papers submitted for the write-on competition are read and evaluated by 5 current Law Review members and given numeric scores according to content, organization, analysis, and mechanics. The Law Review will use class rank as a minor positive factor for those students ranked in the top ten percent of their class. Authors of the top-scoring papers are extended invitations for membership.

For more information about the write-on process, including if you are a transfer student entering CU Law School as a second-year student in August and you would like to participate in the "write-on" for your current year, please email the Law Review's Office Manager, Colorado Law Review (mailto: Colorado Law Review