Photo of Karrey AndersenKarrey Andersen earned her MSL in ethics and compliance from Colorado Law in 2018.  She serves as the Director of Patient Safety/Risk Management at HCA-HealthONE's Rose Medical Center in Denver.

What are your primary professional responsibilities?

My primary responsibilities include implementing and coordinating clinical risk management systems to facilitate identification, evaluation, monitoring, reduction and/or elimination of professional and general liability risk exposures. 

How did your MSL degree prepare you to handle your current job responsibilities?  

My MSL degree prepared me to be able to provide input on facility and medical/staff policies that address patient confidentiality issues and regulatory/accreditation requirements. In addition, my MSL degree prepared me well to provide direction to ensure compliance with statutory mandates, regulatory requirements and accreditation standards of professional organizations such as the JCAHO and ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements mandated by the FDA, OSHA, EPA, EMTALA, and Medicare and Medicaid provisions of the Social Security Act.