Hunter Knapp and Alexia Brunet Marks

Recent Graduate, Professors Examine Impact of COVID-19 on Vulnerable Communities

Sept. 11, 2020

A new report coauthored by postdoctoral fellow and recent graduate Hunter Knapp ('20) and University of Colorado Law School Associate Professor Alexia Brunet Marks seeks to protect Colorado food workers in their workplaces as they contribute their essential labor throughout the state’s food system.

Professor Deborah Cantrell

Professor Deborah Cantrell Recognized for Clinic's Work Advocating for Mobile Homeowners Across Colorado

Aug. 24, 2020

University of Colorado Law School Professor and Director of Clinical Programs Deborah Cantrell is a recipient of Boulder County Public Health’s 2020 Healthy Community Award. The award recognizes her supervision of the Sustainable Community Development Clinic, which played a leading role in developing recently passed legislation that supports mobile homeowners in Colorado.

Professor Ming Hsu Chen

In New Book, Professor Ming Hsu Chen Examines Citizenship in the Enforcement Era

Aug. 13, 2020

In Pursuing Citizenship in the Enforcement Era, University of Colorado Law School Associate Professor Ming Hsu Chen shares the everyday perspectives of immigrants on what it is like to try to integrate into American society during a time when immigration policy is focused on enforcement and exclusion.

Jonathan Skinner-Thompson

Environmental Lawyer Jonathan Skinner-Thompson Joins Clinical Faculty

Aug. 1, 2020

Environmental attorney Jonathan Skinner-Thompson, who previously worked for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice, has joined the University of Colorado Law School faculty as an associate clinical professor and director of the Getches-Green Natural Resources and Environmental Law Clinic.

Anna Spain Bradley

Professor Anna Spain Bradley Joins Institute for Transnational Arbitration's Academic Council

July 14, 2020

The Institute for Transnational Arbitration, a division of The Center for American and International Law, announced the appointment of University of Colorado Law School Professor Anna Spain Bradley to its prestigious Academic Council.

Carla Fredericks

How Colorado Law Professor Carla Fredericks Helped Change Washington's Football Mascot

July 14, 2020

Carla Fredericks, associate professor of law and director of the American Indian Law Clinic, helped organize a campaign to change the name of Washington, D.C.’s NFL team, which announced July 13 it will change its name and logo.

Suzette Malveaux

State Laws Needed to Overcome 'Blue Wall of Silence' Among Police Officers, Suzette Malveaux Argues in Washington Post

June 24, 2020

Professor Suzette Malveaux

Professor Suzette Malveaux Testifies in Support of Colorado Police Accountability Bill

June 12, 2020

On June 10, University of Colorado Law School Provost Professor of Civil Rights Law Suzette Malveaux testified before the Colorado House Finance Committee in support of a bill promoting measures to enhance police accountability and integrity.

Craig Konnoth

Professor Craig Konnoth, Scholars, Students File Amicus Brief in Colorado Antidiscrimination Case

May 28, 2020

Fifty law professors gathered by University of Colorado Law School Professor and lead author Craig Konnoth signed an amicus brief that was submitted to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in a Colorado antidiscrimination case. The professors were drawn from every state in the Tenth Circuit.

Aya Gruber

Feminism Has a Criminal Law Problem, Professor Aya Gruber Argues in New Book

May 11, 2020

In a new book, Colorado Law Professor Aya Gruber, a prominent scholar of criminal law, criminal procedure, critical theory, and feminism, argues that zero-tolerance anti-violence law and policy have exacerbated the American carceral state.