Students may earn up to four academic credits for their externship work in a semester.  (Ordinarily four credits is the overall limit during a law school career, but three additional credits may be available under certain circumstances, as further explained in Law School Rule 24.) 

To be eligible for academic credit, a student's externship must meet the following requirements:

  • A qualified field sponsor who is a lawyer or judge
  • A minimum of fifty hours of work during the semester of enrollment for each externship credit
  • Participation in mandatory Orientation and Exit sessions, as well as professionalism and ethics sessions offered during the semester. 
  • Submission of substantial written work authored by the student in the course of the externship. Acceptable writing pieces include:
    • compositions for your externship sponsor which are reviewed and critiqued;
    • legal memoranda and briefs which are a significant part of your work and which are reviewed by your field supervisor;
    • and a paper submitted to your faculty sponsor, the content of which is determined by mutual agreement. Interrogatories, pleadings, correspondence and nonlegal memoranda normally are not sufficient.
  • Other Externship paperwork as required by the rules