Photo of Dalton Valette

Dalton Valette earned his MSL in ethics and compliance from Colorado Law in 2019.  He currently serves as a Compliance Project Manager at Canna Advisors, a marijuana consulting firm. 

How did the MSL program prepare you to handle your professional responsibilities?

"I am amazed by how precisely the MSL program at Colorado Law prepared me for my current position." 

Securing my MSL degree has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in my relatively short professional career.  My MSL degree is directly responsible for my current position and success in the ethics and compliance profession.  Some of my responsibilities include oversight of internal policies and procedures, monitoring state and federal regulations, and project managing client needs with licenses. I couldn’t have done any of this without the knowledge and confidence I attained through the MSL program. I am amazed by how precisely the MSL program at Colorado Law prepared me for my current position. 

Please briefly explain how your MSL degree has been of value in your professional life.

The MSL degree from Colorado Law has afforded me tremendous flexibility and potential in career paths. Prior to my current position at Canna, I worked at dentsu international, focusing on corporate media compliance with an international scope. I seamlessly transitioned my skills and knowledge from my previous role in higher education, to an ever evolving work-environment in a large corporation, to my current role in the cannabis industry. Thanks to the MSL degree, I can apply my knowledge to virtually any industry or institution with regulations. 

What would you say to a prospective student who is considering pursuing an MSL degree in Ethics and Compliance at Colorado Law?

If you want a fulfilling and fun career, seriously consider pursuing the MSL degree in ethics and compliance from Colorado Law. I’m able to do work that I thoroughly enjoy and I finish each day knowing I am making some positive impacts. What is more rewarding than that?