In deciding how many points to bid on a course, it can be helpful to refer to past waitlist information. In doing so, note that many factors influence course popularity, including how often the course has been offered, who is teaching it, the day and time, and student interest in the subject matter. 

Fall 2015 Courses with Waitlists after Round 1 of Bidding (and the number of students on the waitlist)
Administrative Law (19)
Adv. Trial Advoc (5)
Election Law (17)
Employment Law (3)
Entrepreneurial Law Clinic (10)
Evidence (12)
Legal Reasoning (1)
Motions Ad (sec. 001) (1)
Motions Ad (sec. 002) (2)
Problem Solving, Judgement, & Decision Making (20)
Seminar: Class & Law (14)
Seminar: Comparative Constitutional Law: US, UK, & Aust (3)
Seminar: Oil & International Relations (3)
Seminar: US National Security & Foreign Relations (7)
Tech Law & Policy Clinic (4)
Transactional Drafting (19)
Trial Advocacy (16)