The Colorado Environmental Law Journal provides a forum for natural resources, energy, and environmental law and policy on local, regional, and global scales. Formerly known as the Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law & Policy (CJIELP) and the Colorado Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law Review (CNREELR), the Colorado Environmental Law Journal published its first issue under its current name in the spring of 2022.

CJIELP was founded in 1989 by an enterprising group of law students interested in creating a publication that focused on the then emerging field of international environmental law. As the great environmental issues of our times have been increasingly addressed at multiple levels of governance through disparate bodies of law, CJIELP gradually broadened its scope to include these approaches without changing its title. CNREELR continued to publish articles about public international environmental law and global environmental problems despite its name change.

The 2021-2022 Board of Editors believed that Colorado Environmental Law Journal’s new title will not only continue to reflect this broad scope of environmental issues, but will better position the publication for increased name recognition and article attraction as well as accessibility and simplicity. CELJ will still focus on the most pressing issues related to natural resources, energy, and the environment into the future.

The Colorado Environmental Law Journal continues its partnership with the Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment. The Board of Editors look forward to working with the Center on symposia and lectures, material from which will be published in the Colorado Environmental Law Journal.