All students should take a bar exam review course prior to sitting for the exam. Here are the bar exam review companies that offer review courses to Colorado Law students:

Choosing the review course that works best for you is an important decision. You should make sure you are comfortable with the review course’s materials and format before enrolling in the course. Here are some of the questions you should think about when considering which bar exam review course to enroll in:

  • What is the delivery method for the course content and does it work for your learning style?
  • How does the review course keep you engaged during the lectures?
  • How many questions does the review course offer for the MBE (multiple choice)? Is there an explanation available for each practice question? How does the course teach you to learn from the practice questions you complete?
  • How does the review course provide feedback on practice essays (MEE and MPT)? How many questions can you submit for feedback?
  • Does the review course offer practice exams under exam-like conditions? How many and at what times?
  • Can you watch/listen to a sample lecture before signing up?
  • What is the review course’s passage rate for Colorado Law graduates in Colorado?
  • How does the review course enable you to prepare to study?
  • What materials are available to help you get up to speed on topics that are unfamiliar to you?
  • How much does the review course cost?

Visit the course websites and speak with the review course student representatives to find the answers to these questions. Once you understand what each review course is offering, the most important thing to consider is what type of learning works best for you. Knowing how you learn best—and making sure you will have adequate opportunity to practice and receive feedback—will go a long way toward choosing the right review course for you.