We hope that bar prep is going well! This page has been created to provide resources that will help prepare you for the bar exam. Many of these resources were suggested by recent Colorado Law graduates who successfully passed the exam. 

The William A. Wise Library has books in its Reserve Section that are a great resource for the bar exam (just search "bar exam" on the homepage). Some of the books discussed below can be found here.

Help with Specific Sections of the Uniform Bar Exam:

  • MBE
    • Strategies & Tactics for the MBE | Steven L. Emanuel, 5th Edition
      • Recent graduates prefer this edition, which contains study strategies, exam tactics, practice questions, and detailed explanations for each answer choice (note that this was published before Civil Procedure was added to the MBE, so as of January 2015, purchasers of this book receive free online access to 50 MBE Civil Procedure questions).
    • MBE Essentials | Sean Silverman
      • Supplement that reviews essential content tested on the MBE. Designed to teach the substantive law in an alternative format that strays from the traditional subject-matter outlines.
    • Law in a Flash – Multistate Bar Exam | Mary Basick
      • Substantive flash cards that cover 6 of the 7 MBE topics.
    • The Conviser Mini Review: MEE-MBE | Barbri
    • During the last two weeks prior to the exam, check out the NCBE website for MBE Online Practice Exams 1-4. Each test, available for purchase, contains a compilation of 100 MBE questions from recent exams that have not been released in other formats.
  • MEE
    • National Conference of Bar ExaminersPreparing for the MEE webpage
      • Contains practice essays and analyses from 2005 – 2009.
      • July 2014 MEE questions are available for free; analysis of questions is available for purchase.
  • MPT
    • Perform Your Best on the Bar Exam Performance Test (MPT) | Mary Campbell Gallagher
      • Contains a step-by-step guide for answering MPT questions and provides examples of the document types tested on the exam.


  • Sean Silverman – silvermanbarprep@gmail.com
    • A recent graduate recommended this tutor for those who want more individualized help. He is an independent tutor that is not affiliated with any bar prep course. He primarily focuses on the MBE and MEE, but will review the MPT if requested. If interested, contact him immediately because he gets booked up quickly.
    • Also check out his blog for additional resources.



Resources for Bar Exam Re-Takers