More information concerning externship requirements is available at Law School Rule 24 and in the Program Description Agreement.

Applications to enroll in an externship during any semester should be submitted to no later than the first day of classes for the semester at issue.

  1. Determine an externship site that will satisfy the above requirements and that will meet your career interests.
  2. Approach the site of interest and identify an attorney who will serve as your field supervisor. Make sure that you discuss with your supervisor your need to be trained and mentored.
  3. You must decide on the number of academic credits you would like to receive for this externship. Each credit consists of 50 working hours per semester and you may register for 2, 3, or 4 credits. Please note that no student may earn more than four externship credits while in law school, unless the student successfully petitions for additional credits. See Petitioning for More Credit Hours
  4. Obtain a resume, bio, or related document, from your field supervisor (which should include qualifications of this individual to be your supervisor, and a business address and phone number).
  5. Fill out a Program Description Agreement
  6. Have your supervisor submit this agreement electronically to by the deadline.
    Your completed application should consist of:
  • The Program Description Agreement 
  • A copy of your field supervisor's resume, bio or qualifications (print outs from web pages are acceptable).
  • Once your application is received we will review your application materials. If your application is approved, we will sign the Program Description Agreement and you will be registered for the appropriate amount of credits by the Law Registrar's Office.