Law Graduates of the Last Decade (Law GOLD), which began in 2011, is an alumni network for recent graduates active in all fields of law or business. The network reflects Colorado Law’s committed to supporting alumni throughout their careers.  By focusing on professional development opportunities, while also offering social and community service activities, Colorado Law will ensure the success of its alumni in fulfilling and challenging careers.  

Graduates from the year of graduation until the 10th calendar year out of school will benefit from customized continuing educational opportunities, professional and career guidance, or a way to stay in touch with other Colorado Law alums. For only $10 per year, Law GOLD members will receive:

  • Free CLEs targeted to new lawyers.
  • Networking opportunities with other professional organizations, both legal and non-legal.
  • Social and community service activities.

The group is growing rapidly! If you are interested in becoming a member, please join here:

For questions about Law GOLD contact Therese Kerfoot ('11),