Some American Indians who have interests in allotted lands  held in trust may not know what types of land (or mineral) interests they  have.  When thinking about how to  transfer ownership of land interests or getting ready to write a will, owners  of interests in allotted land held in trust can do one of two things to  determine their land interests. 

First, land interest owners can call or write the Bureau of  Indian Affairs to request a copy of their Individual Trust Inventory Record  (ITI) which is a detailed account of the land interests they own.  At the same time, they can request a report  on their Individual Indian Money Account (IIM), which is a federal Indian money  account accrued by income from their land interests. 

Contact Bureau of  Indian Affairs Realty Offices

BIA Realty Offices (located on most American Indian Reservations  throughout the country and at all Regional Offices) are equipped to take  requests for ITI and IIM reports.  When  requesting these reports, American Indians must request them on their own  behalf, sometimes in writing and sometimes over the phone, depending on the  office.  Included in the links below are  templates for ITI and IIM requests.   Please note that some Realty Office staff will process the reports  simply by the American Indian verbally requesting the reports, while other  Realty Offices require the request in writing, signed by the requestor (and in  some cases, with a copy of a photo ID or notarized signature on the  request). 

Reviewing the ITI and IIM reports is important in order to  identify any inaccuracies or incomplete inventories.  Upon review, if there are any inaccuracies it  is important to contact the Office of the Special Trustee. 

Call the Office of the  Special Trustee

The Department of the Interior houses the Office of  the Special Trustee, which is charged with managing individual American  Indian’s land interests and income from those lands.  The Office of the Special Trustee, like the  BIA Realty Offices, can also generate the ITI and IIM reports upon request.  The Office of the Special Trustee can be  reached toll free at 1-888-678-6836.

BIA IIM Form - Microsoft Word document

BIA ITI Form - Microsoft Word document