Writing a will can be a challenging process.  While some organizations provide general  information about writing a will under AIPRA, many owners of interests in  allotted lands held in trust may want to consult with an attorney who is  experienced in federal Indian law generally and who is familiar with AIPRA’s  requirements for writing a valid will.   While the American Indian Law Clinic is unable to help American Indians  to write wills, there are a few resources on this page that may help land  owners. 

There are several questions that land owners can ask to find  out if an attorney has the right kinds of experience to assist him or her with  writing a will.  Some organizations, such  as Dakota Plains Legal Services, currently assist trust land owners to plan for  probate, will writing and trust land management.  Other organizations, like the Indian Estate  Planning Project, have created template wills for land owners interested in  writing a will.  For more information  from these organizations, see the Resources page for their web sites. 

  Below are two links which also may help land owners in  this inquiry.  The first is a series of  questions to ask an attorney before retaining him or her to help with an AIPRA  will.  The other is a list of attorneys  and legal offices in Colorado  who may be able to help with writing a will.