Mark SquillaceProfessor

Please tell us about a piece of your scholarship or your teaching that you are passionate about and that is related to public service.

I write on civic engagement issues and encourage students to get involved in public processes.  Here are a couple of relevant publications  Meaningful Engagement in Public Lands Decision-making, 59 Rocky Mtn. Min. L. Fnd. ___ (2013);  Embracing a Civic Republican Tradition in Natural Resources Decision-Making, in The Evolution of Natural Resources Law and Policy (2010)

How are students involved in your public service work?

I supervise a project with the Environmental Law Society that we call the Public Comment Project.  Currently we are working on a stream access proposal that could lead to a ballot initiative in 2016. 

What motivated you to become involved in public service work?

I still want to change the world. 

Did you have any experiences in law school that influenced your interest in public service?

Not really, but I had an externship with the local legal services office that I enjoyed very much. 

What advice do you have for our students who are interested in public service?

Just do it.