At least 92 total credit hours in law school courses or in graduate-level courses approved for the certificate program by the Dean's Office, in consultation with the environmental, natural resources and energy law certificate advisor. A student who satisfies all of the course requirements for the environmental, natural resources and energy law certificate will be awarded the certificate with honors if the student earned an average of at least an A- for classes designated by the student that satisfy the requirements for the certificate. A grade of C is required for all certificate courses to count towards completion. At least 18 credit hours in natural resources law and policy courses, in addition to administrative law, as set forth below.

Required Courses:

LAWS 7205 Administrative Law

LAWS 8112 Seminar: Advanced Natural Resources Law (or any other natural resources law-related seminar approved by the Program Advisor), (2-3 credits)


Choose at least three of the following:

LAWS 6002 Public Land Law

LAWS 6112 Foundations of American Natural Resources Law

LAWS 6302 Water Resources

LAWS 6722 Energy Law and Regulation

LAWS 7202 Environmental LAW

Choose at least two of the following:

LAWS 6712 Climate Change Law and Policy

LAWS 6510 International Environmental Law

LAWS 6502 Wildlife and the Law

LAWS 7102 Oil and Gas

LAWS 7132 Energy, Insecurity, Sustainable Law

LAWS 7154 Land Use Planning

LAWS 7211 Mining and Mineral Development Law

LAWS 7212 Environmental Litigation

LAWS 7209 Natural Resources and Environmental Law Clinic

LAWS 7402 The Law of Toxic and Hazardous Wastes

LAWS 7916 Journal: CO Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law Review

LAWS 7939 Extern Program (externship with Natural Resources law focus)

LAWS 8320 Seminar: Oil and International Relations

Any environmental, natural resources, or energy-related course in a non-law department (e.g. ENVS) approved for the certificate program by the Program Advisor.

Optional fourth and/or fifth course from the first set of elective courses (under "choose above).