Colorado Law is dedicated to preparing students to engage in the global marketplace. Faculty expertise, course offerings and opportunities for student engagement beyond the classroom serve to educate students interested in pursuing careers in international law as well as those seeking to understand legal practice in a global context.

International Law Faculty

Professor Alexia Brunet Marks specializes in international economic law. She has practice experience in international trade and national security and at the Department of Homeland Security.

Professor Justin Desautels-Stein specializes in international legal theory and history. He has practice experience in antitrust and at the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs.

Professor Lakshman Guruswamy specializes in international environmental law, international energy law and energy justice.  He is the founding director of the Center for Energy & Environment Security (CEES) and the author of several books and scholarly publications.

Professor Anna Spain Bradley specializes in public international law, international dispute resolution, human rights and international humanitarian law and has practice experience at the U.S. Department of State in international arbitration and investment disputes.

International Law Curriculum

Colorado Law offers the following courses in international law. 
Conflict of Laws
International Law
International Legal Order: History and Foundations  (1500-1950)
International Business Transactions
International Dispute Resolution
International Environmental Law
International Human Rights Law
International Trade Law
Law and Economic Development  
U.S. National Security and Foreign Policy Law Seminar

Additional Courses with International Law Components

Advanced Topics in American Indian Law
Climate Change Law and Policy
Comparative Constitutional Law
Comparative Public Health Law and Ethics
Comparative Employment Law
Energy Insecurity and Sustainable Energy
Immigration and Citizenship Law
International Natural Resources Law and Policy        
Oil and International Relations
International Relations Seminar  (Cross-listed through Political Science)

Student Opportunities in International Law at CU

Careers in International Law