Published: May 20, 2024
faculty publications

Widely recognized for its intellectual diversity and originality, the faculty at Colorado Law encompasses an array of prominent legal scholars who are widely cited, both in academia and throughout the national media landscape. We invite you to catch up on the latest faculty publications and media mentions with this weekly round up.

Faculty Publications 

T. Markus Funk [Colorado Law Adjunct], Rethinking Culpability and Wrongdoing (in the Criminal Law - and in Everyday Life), 92 U. Cin. L. Rev. 1080 (2024). 

Media Mentions 

[Paul Campos & Doug Spencer], Natasha Lovato, If Trump is Found Guilty, will Americans Still be Able to Vote for Him? Experts Weigh in, USA Today (May 16, 2024). 

[Helen Norton], Lillian Mongeau Hughes, In Idaho, Don't Say 'Abortion'?, A State Law Limits Teachers at Public Universities, They Say, USA Today (May 15, 2024). 

Mark Squillace, Michael Blumm, & Sandi Zellmer, Finally, the Bureau of Land Management Acknowledges its Conservation Mandate, Denver Post (May 13, 2024).

[Mark Squillace], Bobby Magill, Alaska Mine Road's Future Hinges on Obscure National Parks Law, Bloomberg Law (May 13, 2024). 

Faculty Activities  

Paul Campos, Lawyers, Guns, & Money (May 10-17, 2024), blog posts available here. 

Margot Kaminski (panelist), "Standards in the US Approach to AI", Governing AI Through Standardization Conference, European University Institute (May 15, 2024). 

Suzette MalveauxCourageous Conversation: Caste: The Origins of our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson and the movie "Origin"(May 15, 2024). 

[Amanda Parsons], Paul Caron, Parsons: Cryptocurrency, Legibility, and Taxation, TaxProf Blog (May 16, 2024). 

Harry Surden (speaker), Artificial Intelligence and the Law, National Academy of Sciences Committee on Science, Law, & Technology (May 13, 2024).