Published: May 6, 2024
faculty headshots

Widely recognized for its intellectual diversity and originality, the faculty at Colorado Law encompasses an array of prominent legal scholars who are widely cited, both in academia and throughout the national media landscape. We invite you to catch up on the latest faculty publications and media mentions with this weekly round up.

Faculty Publications 

Aamir AbdullahLegal Research in the Age of AI, 53 Colorado Lawyer 8 (May 2024); & Making the Ask: How to Gain Supervisory Experience at Work in a Non-Supervisory Role, 28 AAALL Spectrum 34 (May/June 2024)(with Havilah Bakken, Rachel Evans, Valerie Horton, & Jason Tubinis). 

Rabea BenhalimContract Customization, Sex, and Islamic Law, 108 Minn. L. Rev. 1861(2024). 

Mark SquillaceA Bold Plan for Saving the Colorado River, 30 Brown J. World Affairs 1 (2023). 

Media Mentions 

[Violeta Chapin], Vince Bzdek, Town Hall Will Tackle the No. 1 Issue in the State: Immigration, Denver Gazette (April 28, 2024). 

Harry Surden8 U.S. Newspapers, Including Denver Post, Sue ChatGPT-maker OpenAI and Microsoft for Copyright Infringement, Denver 7 News (April 30, 2024)(interview begins around :50 mark in video). 

[Late Prof. Emeritus Charles Wilkinson], Devin Odell, The Boldt Decision and Where the Rule of Law Held, High Country News (May 1, 2024). 

Faculty Activities 

Rabea Benhalim, receipient of Colorado Law Excellence in Teaching Award (April 16, 2024). 

Paul Campos, Lawyers, Guns, & Money (April 26-May 3, 2024), blog posts available here. 

[Deep Gulasekaram], Andrew Willinger, Scholarship Highlight: Historical Tradition as Living Constitutionalism, and Loyalty Oaths in the Immigration Context, Duke Center for Firearms Law (May 1, 2024). 

[Dean Lolita Buckner Inniss], Jennifer Soules, Weinstein, #MeToo and Why Social Movements Matter, Colorado Today (May 1, 2024). 

Margot Kaminski (discussant), "Stakeholder Participation in Data Strategy and AI," (European University Institute Centre for Judicial Cooperation, May 3, 2024). 

Suzette Malveaux (introductory speaker), "AI Ethics Series: AI and Bias Lunch Talk", Silicon Flatirons Center, Daniels Fund, & Byron White Center (April 18, 2024); Matthew Engebretsen & Tori Matson, Byron White Center, Silicon Flatirons and the Daniels Fund Convene, Explore Bias and the Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence, Colorado Law (May 2, 2024). 

[Suzette Malveaux, Harry Surden, Scott Skinner-Thompson, Vivek Krishnamurthy, Blake Reid, Helen Norton, Byron White Center, & Silicon Flatirons Center], Reya Roussel & Michaela Calhoun, The 32nd Annual Rothgerber Conference on AI and The Constitution Makes History, Colorado Law (May 2, 2024). 

Andrew Schwartz's The Perpetual Corporation, 80 G. Wash. L. Rev. 764, (2012) cited in important Delaware Court of Chancery opinion, McRitchie v. Zuckerberg, No. 2022-0890 (Del. Ch., April 30, 2024), at 68, n.132. 

Andrew Teegarden (GWC), Correcting Discrepancies within SB24-127, Colorado Law Getches-Wilkinson Center (April 24, 2024).