Published: Dec. 19, 2023

Widely recognized for its intellectual diversity and originality, the faculty at Colorado Law encompasses an array of prominent legal scholars who are widely cited, both in academia and throughout the national media landscape. We invite you to catch up on the latest faculty publications and media mentions with this weekly round up.

Faculty Publications

T. Markus Funk [Colorado Law Adjunct], Decriminalizing “Mere” Walkaway Prison Escapes Is a Mistake, (2023) Oxford U. Comparative L. Forum 2.

Blake Reid, Section 230's Debts, (First Amendment L. Rev., forthcoming); featured in Legal Theory Blog's Reid on Section 230, Freedom of Speech and Social Media Platforms (Dec. 14, 2023).

Notable Mentions

[James Anaya], Jackie Sedley, CU Professor Speaks on Human Rights at Dubai's COP 28 Climate Conference, KGNU Radio (Dec. 11, 2023)(story begins around 13:57).

Paul Campos, Lawyers, Guns, & Money Blog, Dec. 9-15, blog posts available here.

Violeta Chapin, CU Law Prof. Violeta Chapin discusses laws to help migrants in ColoradoKOA Radio (Dec. 7, 2023).

[Ann England], Max Levy, Offense for the Defense: Aurora Public Defenders Take the Stand, Aurora Sentinel (Dec. 14, 2023).

T. Markus Funk [Colorado Law Adjunct], A Discussion with T. Markus Funk, A Member of the Prosecution Team in 'Operation Family Secrets' (American Bar Association JustPod Podcast, Dec. 14, 2023).

Maryam JamshidiInstruments of Dehumanization, Boston Review (Dec. 9, 2023).

Gregor MacGregor [Acequia Assistance Project], What the "Right to Farm" Means in 2023: Contextualizing the Right to Farm with Indigenous Food Sovereignty (speaker, Colorado State Food Summit)(Dec. 8, 2023).

[Amanda Parsons], Paul Caron, The Top 5 New Tax Papers, TaxProf Blog (Dec. 10, 2023)(Common Sense Recommendations for the Application of Tax Law to Digital Assets at #2).

Blake Reid & Berin Skoza, Common Carrier Rules, the Tech Stack, and You, Tech Policy Podcast (Dec. 11, 2023).