Published: Oct. 3, 2023 By
niall griffin

Colorado Law’s student body comes from a variety of backgrounds, bringing their own professional and lived experience to the university’s diverse, collaborative community. This fall, we are excited to spotlight some of our students through a series of Q&As.  

For our next spotlight, we sat down with 2L Niall Griffin to learn more about his time here at Colorado Law so far. Originally from Glen Ellyn, IL, Niall worked in the service industry for 6 years prior to coming to law school. Once he graduates, he hopes to use his law degree to provide legal counsel to small businesses and startups.  

Meet the class of 2025’s Niall Griffin!  

What made you decide to pursue a JD? 

NG: I originally intended to go to business school but I did absolutely horrible on the GRE. A friend suggested taking a mock LSAT exam because of its applicability to business. After taking my first LSAT I realized that I really enjoyed the way the test made me think. This prompted me to consider law school more seriously and since then have not looked back. I hope to utilize my J.D. to work with small businesses and startups. 

What has been your favorite part of law school so far? 

NG: My favorite part of law school has been the internships. I have really enjoyed the hands on experience.  

What is your proudest accomplishment? 

NG: My proudest accomplishment was convincing my undergraduate college to give me grant money to go to a music festival. 

What are some of the opportunities you have taken advantage of here at Colorado Law? 

NG: I have taken advantage of the CDO networking events to meet people in the field. I also went through the pledge program for my 1L summer internship which then provided me with a return offer for my 2L summer.  

What are your hobbies outside of work and school? 

NG: My hobbies include playing golf when I have time, reading sci-fi between classes, cooking for friends and family, and painting/ drawing.