Published: Sept. 21, 2023 By
Caileb Booze

Colorado Law’s student body comes from a variety of backgrounds, bringing their own professional and lived experience to the university’s diverse, collaborative community. This fall, we are excited to spotlight some of our students through a series of Q&As.  

For our next spotlight, we sit down with 2L Caileb Booze to learn more about his time here at Colorado Law so far.  

Meet the class of 2025’s Caileb Booze! 

Why did you choose to pursue a JD?  

CB: I chose to pursue a JD because growing up I experienced multiple racially charged injustices with law enforcement. At the time, I felt a mixture of fear, helplessness, and anger. The only thing that made sense to me was to learn as much as I could about this “law” and “system,” so that I would never be put in a situation like that again. As the years went on, I learned that there is so much more in me that’s compatible with a legal career than I thought. I have the heart of an advocate. I have an innate sense of justice. I revel in the challenge that each novel legal question presents. Notwithstanding being a first-generation college graduate and graduate student, this profession, in some way, shape, or form, is in my blood.  

What has been your favorite part of law school so far?  

CB: My favorite part of law school has been the people I’ve done it with. The first week of classes in August I was lucky enough to meet a group of guys that would quickly become my best friends. From late night studying to spontaneous pick-up basketball games, we survived the madness of 1L together and it was a treat.  

What is your proudest accomplishment?  

CB: On the heels of arguably the most racially charged year since the Civil Rights Era, in January 2021 I had the privilege of being the Student Keynote Speaker at the Oklahoma State University Inaugural Martin Luther King Jr. Week Celebration. After a year of division, chaos, and pain, this celebration was a reminder that there is power in unity. Seeing in real time, people of different colors and backgrounds coming together was the most powerful experience I have been a part of. That day represented authentic progress, and I charged the campus to continue moving forward together.   

 What was your profession prior to coming to Colorado Law?  

CB: Before beginning law school, I worked in Dallas at Deloitte as an Executive Coordinator  

What do you hope to do with your degree once you graduate?  

CB: Upon graduation I hope to begin my career in private practice, learning how to be an effective advocate and building a sturdy foundation for (hopefully) a long and impactful legal career.  

What are some opportunities you have taken advantage of here at Colorado Law?   

CB: Formally, I have taken advantage of multiple student organizations on campus - my favorite has been the Korey Wise Innocence Project. It was pivotal for me to have a balance of doctrine and practical application during the first year of law school. KWIP has been an outlet to advocate for those in Colorado who have been subject to the most deplorable injustice – wrongful convictions.  

Informally, I have taken advantage of the wealth of knowledge that our professors have at the school. Specifically, Professors Doug Spencer and Jennifer Sullivan have both taken the time to invest in me as a student and individual, they have been two of my biggest cheerleaders. From letters of recommendations and lunches to spontaneous conversations about how to improve the law school for future classes, they have given me a space to be honest about my experiences and advice on how to move forward. 

What are some of your hobbies outside of work/school? 

CB: Outside of work and school, I love music! If there is a good concert or festival, no matter where it is, there are good odds I’ll be in attendance (i.e. Beyonce in Houston next weekend.) I also like to spend time at the gym, hanging out with friends, or hiking.