Day of the Dead CelebrationColorado Law is home to nearly 50 active student organizations. These organizations are a phenomenal way for law students to increase their knowledge, gain leadership experience, network and collaborate with the legal community, and build connections with classmates that will last through their careers and beyond.

In this series, we are highlighting some of the extraordinary organizations run by Colorado Law students.

Meet the LatinX Law Students Association (LLSA), which serves to give voice and bring together Latina/o law students.

LLSA's mission is to provide a sense of community for all Latinx and Hispanic students at Colorado Law. The organization's top priority is to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the entire law school community. LLSA holds schoolwide events that celebrate the broad spectrum of Latinx culture while educating community members who may not have experience with Latinx culture.

LLSA holds many events that provide their members with community and real-world experiences, such as a 1L outlining event, judicial walking tours of Denver district and federal courts, movie nights, a self-defense clinic where the proceeds go to Latinx/Hispanic survivors of domestic violence, a Dia de Los Muertos event, and a public interest networking event with Denver law firms. Students can join LLSA's Canvas page to learn about new events along with general body meetings, which are held on the first Thursday of each month. 

"Beginning law school is daunting as it is, and doing so without a community of other Latinx/Hispanic folks by your side can make it even scarier," LLSA President Mila Sicorsky '25 explains. "I'm excited for our executive board to continue making LLSA a source of support, inclusiveness, and mentorship at CU, and to continue uplifting and serving the surrounding Latin American community here in Colorado."

We asked Mila to share her advice for Latinx people aspiring to pursue a career in law:

"I would remind folks that they are not alone. When things get hard and lonely, always know that you have family, friends, and even entire communities of people you may not even know who are cheering you on."