Published: Aug. 21, 2023 By
Nara Ohk

As the fall semester approaches, Colorado Law is proud to highlight some of our incoming Master of Laws (LLM) students. The LLM program fully immerses students in Colorado Law and offers inclusive access to programming, courses/modules, and the greater University of Colorado Boulder campus. LLM students have unique and diverse backgrounds and experiences that enrich our community of scholars and students, while advancing Colorado Law’s intellectual leadership across the globe.  

In this edition, we learn more about Nara Ohk. Nara has been a Korean government officer since 2011 in the areas of international affairs and multipurpose regional development for the provincial levels. He holds a B.A. in Social Work from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea, a J.D. equivalent, and has completed Ph.D. course work from Handong International Law School in Pohang, Korea.   

Meet the LLM class of 2024’s Nara Ohk! 

What inspired you to pursue an LLM degree? 

NO: LLM is the right path for my vision which is "Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8)".  The LLM degree provides an opportunity to learn a specific area of U.S. law deeper and to sit the bar exam. This can open doors to serve more people and give more knowledge in various ways. My two former bosses, who were vice-minister-level administrators to the Korean government, strongly recommended me to pursue the LLM degree for lifelong professional service. As a Korean Government Overseas Training Fellow, the LLM concentration in Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law can help me achieve the purpose of the fellowship program which includes equipping officers on the global stage and developing Korean policy. In the long term, it will help me contribute to the preparation of the Unification of Korea, one of the national pursuing goals in the preamble of Korea's Constitution.     

What are you most looking forward to during your time as a student here in Boulder?   

NO: One of my favorite things about CU Boulder is the motto, "Let your light shine.” It is my honor to be a member of the Colorado Law community. I would like to shine the light on the future issues around environmental development extending to the preparation of the Unification.  Also, I would like to learn from the lights of professors and classmates in the legal scholarship and lifelong learning communities here. Lastly, I would like to enjoy the beautiful natural light of Boulder surrounding the Flatirons, Rockies, and white clouds with my family, and shine a joyful light on the community with smiles and through volunteer work.  

What are your hobbies outside of work/school?  

NO: Throughout my not-too-short life journey, I found doing good and meaningful work is the most fun. To deliver sincere appreciation to the U.S. Veterans of the Korean War in the 1950s, I joined the Korean War Veteran Association, Colorado Chapter, and attended regular meetings. I found here, in the CU campus, Boulder, and Denver areas, there are tons of opportunities to do volunteer work with good neighbors. I would like to have more time for volunteer work with family, the Christian Legal Society, and law students around CU and Boulder. 

What makes Colorado Law a great place to further your education?  

NO: Colorado Law is the perfect place for a Korean government fellow with a family that likes beautiful nature rather than a crowded city. First, my wife is excited to come to Colorado because this is one of the best places to live with a family and has four seasons like Korea. In addition, I would like to highlight other benefits to being in Boulder such as (i) No.1 college town in the U.S., (ii) U.S. No.1 best place to live, (iii) No.1 LL.M Scholarship recipient ratio as 100% and (iv) great environmental law program. After studying and living in Boulder, my lifelong sponsor, my wife, often remarks that by the grace of God and because of her, we could come to the best place, Colorado Law and Boulder.