Published: Aug. 16, 2023 By
Injy Johnstone

As the fall semester approaches, Colorado Law is proud to highlight some of our incredible Master of Laws (LLM) alumni. The LLM program fully immerses students in Colorado Law and offers inclusive access to programming, courses/modules, and the greater University of Colorado Boulder campus. LLM students have unique and diverse backgrounds and experiences that enrich our community of scholars and students, while advancing Colorado Law’s intellectual leadership across the globe.  

In this inaugural edition, we learn more about Injy Johnstone ‘20. Prior to pursuing her LLM degree, Johnstone worked for the New Zealand Government on their Net Zero legislation. She was inspired to pursue an LLM because of the opportunity it provided to learn from and exchange with a much broader legal community than in her home country. Since her time at Colorado Law, Johnstone has taken the insights she learned to become a better advocate for the global response to climate change. 

In this interview, we learn more about Johnstone’s time here in Boulder and where her career has taken her since graduation.  

Hi Injy – thank you so much for chatting. To kick us off, I would love to know, what was your favorite part of attending Colorado Law? 

IJ:  The Colorado Law community! From the professors to fellow students, you’re made to feel right at home and in a position where you can explore all manner of endeavours and opportunities. 

Where are you living and working currently? How has your LLM degree helped you in your profession so far?  

IJ: I’m currently living in London and work for the University of Oxford as a Research Associate in Net-Zero Aligned Offsetting while finishing up my PhD in New Zealand. 

 My LLM has helped me realize the international interconnections intrinsic within environmental law, particularly climate change law and the rich opportunities there are for cross-pollination between jurisdictions. More specifically, in my current role, it has helped immensely with navigating the emerging legal landscape associated with carbon removal, given that the U.S. is at the forefront of it. 

That sounds fascinating! What a great way to use your degree. What advice would you give incoming LLM students?  

IJ:  Throw yourself into any and all opportunities that come your way during your LLM (and there will be many). As LLMs, we have the same opportunities to get involved in the full programming at the law school which can enrich your life professionally, and personally too. 

Thank you so much for answering my questions, Injy. My final question is much less career related --what are your hobbies outside of work?  

IJ: Exploring the beautiful world around us, to learn how to better protect it. That and seeking out the best coffee spots or music gigs!