Published: Dec. 31, 2019

Serving on a journal is, for many, among the most memorable and rewarding experiences of law school. Following a renovation of the Wolf Law Building's garden level, Colorado Law’s three student-led journals now have a new, state-of-the-art home.

The space includes double the previous square footage for journals staff to work, collaborate, and publish robust and high-quality scholarship. It was designed with collaboration and flexibility in mind, offering office suites, conference room, lounge, and large common area for socializing and events. The renovation was completed in late 2019.

Garden level renovation

Rendering of the expanded journals suite.

"Law review is your opportunity to speak beyond the walls of the law school and have a voice in the conversations happening about really important issues," said Leah Fugere ('20), editor-in-chief of the University of Colorado Law Review. "It really means a lot that the university invests in supporting us as students, as journals, and in the space that we use."

Besides honing writing, editing, and research skills, the social aspect of serving on a journal cannot be overlooked. Connections made with fellow editors and journals staff, who often become lifelong friends and colleagues, span far beyond the three years of law school.

"The potential for this new space is to build even stronger, closer, more robust relationships between the people on the journals because now, for the first time, we’ll have a space where everybody can be there together," said Rob McCary ('19), who served as managing editor of the University of Colorado Law Review in 2018-19. "There’s room for all of the team that needs to be there at the same time instead of cycling through single-file. And there’s a huge common room where we can have 15 or 20 people working or we can host a social event for the entire team—all 60 members—in one space. That is something we have never had before and I think it is going to facilitate even stronger relationships and a more positive sense of community."

This space is going to impact students for many years. It will make their journals experience so much more valuable, meaningful, and fun, he said.

Students reflect on their journals experience


There are a number of philanthropic opportunities to support the expanded journals suite. Please contact Peter Sanders, Assistant Dean for Advancement, for more information: or (303) 492-0752.