Published: May 20, 2019
Marissa Kardon Weber

When considering whether to attend law school, the desire to help people communicate more effectively during periods of high-intensity conflict was at the top of Marissa Kardon Weber's (’19) list.

Her passion for conflict resolution and international human rights initiatives helped her secure a highly competitive postgraduate position with the International Criminal Court’s Prosecution Division in The Hague, Netherlands, which she begins in August.

"I have always been fascinated by mass atrocity crimes and how identity can be used as a weapon," she said. "As I spent my time reading about anything from the Battle of Carthage to the Rwandan genocide, I struggled at a really young age with feeling so far removed from tragedies occurring around the world. Studying international law has given me the tools to meaningfully contribute to international human rights initiatives."

The opportunity at the International Criminal Court is open to recent law school graduates with the intention of providing unique exposure for international attorneys in the early stages of their professional careers. Weber will contribute to pre-trial, trial, and appellate proceedings in the Office of the Prosecutor, while learning from some of the most accomplished attorneys in the field.

"From her first weeks as a 1L, until her last as a 3L, I witnessed Marissa demonstrate the best of Colorado Law. Her passion for international law and justice combined with smart strategy and hard work opened even the most lofty of doors. Marissa will greatly contribute to the essential endeavors of the International Criminal Court and is so deserving of this honor. She makes me and all of us at Colorado Law proud," said Associate Professor Anna Spain Bradley, who mentored Weber throughout the application process.

After applying in early fall of her 3L year, Weber went through a security clearance process before receiving an offer in mid-January of her 3L year.

Weber hopes to find and develop innovative ways to encourage sustainable conflict resolution in which every party feels heard and is receptive to other points of view. She strives to not only help parties communicate efficiently once they arrive at the table, but also find ways to get them to the table in the first place.

"The International Criminal Court provides an unparalleled opportunity to put these tools into action," she said. "The Court's work reflects the constant evolution of international criminal law and I look forward to evolving as an attorney along with it."