Published: May 9, 2019
Ellen Sandrock

For years, Ellen Sandrock (MSL '19) dreamed of furthering her education. A senior corporate paralegal at LogRhythm, Inc. in Boulder and former senior paralegal at Newmont Mining, one of the largest public companies in Colorado, she knew she enjoyed corporate governance and working alongside compliance departments. As the compliance department at LogRhythm grew, her general counsel suggested she consider growing her skill set with a Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree in ethics and compliance from Colorado Law.

"I wanted to further my education for a long time. I was thinking about business school, and law school has always been an idea for me. But the three-year commitment was daunting with a full-time job and a young family. When my general counsel mentioned the MSL program to me, it seemed like a perfect fit and it truly was," she said.

The uniqueness and flexibility of the program, which can be completed in as a little as one year but offers a part-time option for working professionals, fit Sandrock’s busy schedule as a full-time working mom of two young boys. She completed the program in three years.

"Law school training helped me to stay calm and focused under tremendous stress and be a more precise communicator," Sandrock said.

She also deepened her understanding of how ethics and compliance relates to various industries.

"Each MSL faculty member offers a unique blend of insight and expertise of how ethics and compliance plays a major role in different industries," she said. "I’ve always worked in technology and corporate sectors, so it’s been interesting to learn about ethics and compliance in health care and finance."

Sandrock will use her new knowledge and expertise to grow her career, helping LogRhythm expand its compliance program and training and supporting employees on compliance and ethics matters.

"I gained a new level of organization, diligence, and perspective. I developed leadership skills and met some truly brilliant and amazing people," she said.