Published: Oct. 1, 2018

The University of Colorado Law School came in at No. 29 in a recent study ranking the top third of ABA-accredited law school faculties based on scholarly impact.

The study, completed by University of St. Thomas School of Law Professor Gregory Sisk and colleagues, considered mean and median citations to tenured faculty scholarship from 2013-17. The most highly cited Colorado Law faculty are S. James Anaya, Paul Campos, Aya Gruber, Melissa Hart, Christopher Mueller, Helen Norton, Scott Peppet, Pierre Schlag, Andrew Schwartz, and Phil Weiser.

“In addition to being innovative and passionate teachers, the faculty at Colorado Law are prolific legal scholars and social commentators. Their path-breaking scholarship helps to ensure that law is proving true to its function to serve society, and in some cases challenging the law to shift. I am proud to see that work recognized in these rankings,” said S. James Anaya, dean and University Distinguished Professor.

The top 30 law schools based on scholarly impact are:
1. Yale University
2. Harvard University
3. University of Chicago
4. New York University
5. Columbia University
6. Stanford University
7. University of California, Berkeley
8. Duke University
9. University of Pennsylvania
10. Vanderbilt University
11. University of California, Los Angeles
12. University of California, Irvine
13. Cornell University
14. University of Michigan
14. Northwestern University
16. George Washington University
16. University of Virginia
16. Georgetown University
19. University of Texas, Austin
19. George Mason University
21. University of Minnesota
21. Washington University, St. Louis
23. University of California, Davis
23. University of St. Thomas
23. University of Southern California
26. University of Notre Dame
27. Boston University
28. College of William & Mary
29. University of Colorado, Boulder
29. Florida State University
29. Fordham University

The list of the top 50 schools is available on Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports, and the full report is available on SSRN.