Published: Jan. 26, 2017

Judge Neil GorsuchMedia reports have indicated that Judge Neil Gorsuch, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, is a top contender for a nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Neil Gorsuch is a Thomson Visiting Professor at the University of Colorado Law School, where he has taught courses in Ethics and Antitrust Law since August 2008. The Thomson Visiting Professor Program brings leading experts from academia, the judiciary, and legal practice to campus to teach classes in areas of key concern for law students. In addition to teaching, Judge Gorsuch has contributed a great deal of time to advising students and to speaking at student events such as the 2012 Commencement and the 2016 New Student Orientation.

His parents, David Gorsuch and Anne Gorsuch Burford (both deceased), graduated from the University of Colorado Law School in 1964.

"As a distinguished jurist, Judge Gorsuch has given his time, energy, and talents to Colorado Law over the last eight years, and our students and alumni are fortunate that he has taught and continues to teach in our classrooms," said Colorado Law Dean S. James Anaya. "He is an extremely accomplished example of our visiting faculty, who bring diverse perspectives to our school and model rigorous legal thinking for our students."       


Media inquiries about Judge Gorsuch and his career may be directed to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Clerk’s Office, 303-844-3157; inquiries about the University of Colorado Law School may be directed to Keri Ungemah,, 720.984.0457.