Published: Dec. 28, 2016

Tierney TobinTierney Tobin (’18) came to law school with a passion for immigration law, and, thanks to the new Immigration Law and Policy Society (ILPS), she is now helping her classmates discover opportunities within the field.

“I came to law school with an existing interest in immigration law. Over the course of my first year at Colorado Law, I started to realize that I was not alone, but there was no outlet for us to get to know each other or collaborate,” Tobin said.

She and co-founder Perry McAnich (’17) started the ILPS with the goal of giving students a place to come together, learn more about immigration law, and network with students and professionals working in the field.

“Though I came to law school with a desire to pursue a career in immigration law, the purpose of ILPS is to engage all Colorado Law students—those with and those without a pre-existing interest in the field,” Tobin said. “At this time, it seems more important than ever to engage the entire legal field in a discussion about immigration law and how it relates and connects to other fields of law. Whether or not you wish to work in immigration law, it is a fascinating and complex field that we think students could benefit being exposed to.”

Prior to law school, Tobin received a Master’s degree in international education development and worked for Kwah Dao, a nonprofit organization in Thailand providing educational opportunities to Burmese migrants and stateless children.

“Going forward, immigration will likely continue to be a hotly-debated topic and the more people who are informed of the intricacies in immigration law, the better,” Tobin said. “We encourage all Colorado Law students to attend our events or reach out the executive board to learn more about the organization.”

In 2017, the ILPS will co-sponsor the following events:

  • Citizenship and Equality Workshop, led by UCLA Professor of Law Ingrid Eagly, which will bring together faculty and students for discussions on connecting scholarship, teaching, and community engagement
  • Film viewing of 14: Dred Scott, Wong Kim Ark & Vanessa Lopez, a documentary on citizenship (co-sponsored by the ILPS and the Asian Pacific American and South Asian Law Students Association)

For more information on these events, please contact Professor Ming Hsu Chen. Students interested in participating in the ILPS should contact

PICTURED: Tierney Tobin