Published: Nov. 11, 2013

Colorado Law recently received the highest ranking in the nation on ahead of law programs at highly prestigious universities such as Harvard and Stanford. The website surveyed more than 4,000 students from 150 law schools and ranked the schools in order of the rating their respective students gave them. Alumni and current students of Colorado Law have both pointed to a wide variety of the school’s advantages, and what stands out most are the collegial, collaborative environment at the school, and also the academic opportunities that were made available to them during their time as students.

“I had a great experience at Colorado Law,” Norma Plache (’10) said. “It’s a supportive and collaborative environment. Everyone has heard the horror stories about law students being overly competitive. I never experienced that during my time as a student.”

Added Kevin Brown (’13), “Many schools point to ‘collegiality’ as a strength of their student body, but at Colorado Law it is more than just talk. Students truly help each other in times of need. I could not have made it through law school without support from the Colorado Law family.”

Students both past and present have found their experience at Colorado Law to be immeasurably enhanced by the people at the school. Not only do their peers help to create the best, most supportive experience possible, but the faculty play a large role as well, both in supporting their students and opening up academic opportunities to them.

“The professors and academics are second to none. Colorado Law provides you with the skills and foundation to succeed as any type of attorney, from a prosecutor to a federal bureaucrat. Colorado Law has an excellent reputation in the state of Colorado, and the reputation is getting stronger throughout the rest of the nation,” Chris Cook (’12) said. “Living and working in Washington, D.C. I am surrounded by attorneys from the nation’s most prestigious law schools. Colorado Law is second to none of them in my industry. I am incredibly satisfied with my decision to attend Colorado Law, and would not have wanted to study the law anywhere else.”

Added Stephen Chesterton (’11), “It is a fantastic community of students, professors, and staff. Colorado Law will challenge you while providing a supportive environment to develop a well-rounded professional skill-set. And the combination of opportunities around you, from an academic, professional, and extracurricular standpoint, is tough to match.”

As its students have noted, Colorado Law strives for academic excellence, but beyond that it has fostered an environment in which students form a tight-knit community and act as a support network for each other, rather than feel a need to compete with one another. The result has been a student body that feels both extraordinarily fulfilled and prepared by their experience in law school.