Published: Sept. 19, 2013
In the wake of recent events, many of you have reached out to inquire how we are doing at Colorado Law and how you can help during this difficult time. 
As you know, the recent flood has done major damage to Colorado communities, including the University of Colorado Boulder community. We are fortunate that the Wolf Law Building was spared and only experienced very minor basement, roof, and window leaks, allowing us to resume classes this week.
Not all of our students, faculty, and staff, however, were as fortunate with their homes and property. We have several professors stranded at their homes due to washed out roads, staff members evacuated by the National Guard, and law students who have lost much of what they own due to flooding. Many are in temporary housing while their homes are repaired. Unfortunately, for law students who have been displaced, renter's insurance typically does not cover replacing personal property ruined due to a flood. 
The flood has reminded us how strong our community is. Members of our community are helping each other with housing, supplies, clean up, and support. The university has established helpful resources for flood victims. It has been humbling to experience the heart-felt response from our community.    
We are continuing to support those facing adversity and will recognize those who have gone above and beyond in this difficult situation. If you would like to support this effort, click here to donate to the Dean's Fund. If you would like to volunteer any other assistance to affected students, please email 
Thank you for your support as we weather this storm together.




Phil Weiser