Published: Aug. 29, 2013

Colorado Law proudly welcomes the 184 JD candidates that comprise the class of 2016. In one of the largest classes ever, Colorado Law has brought together a group of students who are prepared to succeed and benefit from the Colorado Law experience.

A key part of that experience is being a part of an engaged, diverse, and inclusive community of outstanding students who support one another as well as serve our community.  Twenty-four percent of the class of 2016 is included in the American Bar Association’s underrepresented minority classification.  The students also boast impressive backgrounds in business, government, military, and nonprofits.

“Colorado Law is unique in that it brings together an outstanding, diverse, and ambitious group of individuals who are committed to collaboration and helping one another.  The class of 2016 continues that tradition,” Dean Phil Weiser said.

The strong entrepreneurial spirit shown by the class of 2016 is another key to success. Sixty-six percent of the students come to Colorado Law from outside Colorado. Representing 114 different undergraduate institutions, students from 31 states and 1 country make up the class of 2016. 

At orientation, the speakers, from Dean Phil Weiser, faculty members, students, and community members all emphasized that today’s lawyers, whether working in the public or private sector, need to be legal entrepreneurs. As Weiser’s orientation remarks underscored, this means that all students need to take ownership for their career paths and develop the toolkit necessary to add value and succeed wherever they work.