Published: June 29, 2012

Showing an improved placement percentage over recent years, 160 of the 176 graduates in the Colorado Law class of 2011 (91%) reported employment nine months after graduation. By contrast, 82.5 percent of the class of 2010, and 80 percent of the class of 2009, reported employment nine months after graduation. “Supporting graduates in finding meaningful and valuable employment is a central mission at Colorado Law,” said Dean Phil Weiser. “We have a lot of work left to do, but this increase confirms that our efforts to expand employment programs and career development outreach are making progress.”

The distribution of the 160 employed graduates is as follows (including 13 graduates working for judges or in other public service roles that received funding from Colorado Law’s post-graduate public service fellowship program):

  • Law firm employment: 41% of the employed members of the 2011 class
  • Federal judicial clerks: 4%
  • State judicial clerks: 14%
  • Business: 14%
  • Government: 10%
  • Public interest: 5%
  • Academic: 3%
  • Post-graduate fellows: 8%

Seventy percent, or 124 graduates, reported jobs requiring bar passage, compared to 65 percent of graduates nationwide.  Sixty percent, or 106 graduates, reported full time work in bar passage required positions.  Excluding the short term positions, 56 percent of the 2011 graduates obtained full-time, long-term employment in bar passage required positions, which is slightly better than national average.

The Colorado Law classes of 2013 and 2014 have also made significant advancements in preparing for successful post-graduate employment. “We are pleased to report that over 90% of students in these classes have substantive employment in the summer of 2012.  A majority of these positions are paid and/or full time,” said Todd Rogers, Assistant Dean for Career Development.