Published: Sept. 21, 2010

Associate Library Director Robert Linz’s Colorado Legal Research is the latest installment in Carolina Academic Press’s state legal research series texts and is the first book focused exclusively on how to Colorado law. Colorado Legal Research:examines resources and research methods for all types of Colorado primary law, secondary law, and practice materials;includes chapters on researching Colorado statutory law, regulatory law, case law, court rules, and even local government law;discusses how to do historical statutory and regulatory research and how to uncover Colorado legislative history;covers resources and methods in both print and online formats, with visuals included to assist the researcher; and can be used as either a guide for the individual researching the law or as a classroom text.  Colorado Legal Research goes beyond resources and methods to present an overall framework through which to carry out legal research assignments. The framework provides suggestions on how to analyze and conceptualize legal research problems, and offers pointers on how to understand legal research concepts and publishing techniques so to identify and navigate the underlying legal research system. This information will make Colorado Legal Research useful for attorneys, librarians, paralegals and others researching the law in Colorado or jurisdiction.